Success After 40 – Even 50 – Some Will Surprise You

It seems we are enamored with success at an early age. It’s as if we think that running to success has more value than walking. I guess there might be some value with being successful early in life. But if life is really about the journey and not the destination does it really matter?

Success isn’t always focused on the youth. There are in fact many people who waited until the had a few years of experience to rely on before they hit the big time.

An article on Business Insider highlights a bunch of people – some are surprises – who didn’t hit their stride until they hit that AAARP magic number. The article not only highlights 50 year olds but 40somethings too… always about the youth right?

  • Ray Kroc
  • Grandma Moses
  • Harland Sanders
  • Betty White

All successes after 50!

Anyway – enjoy the list and keep in mind that many times the real value of a person isn’t their impatience for success – but in the patience to wait for it.


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