Celebrating! 9 Nominations in 3 days!

Last week on Wednesday we published the press release announcing the formation of a new HR award – the 50over50HR Awards. This award is designed to recognize HR professionals who have dedicated years to their profession and have made a big impact at their company or within the profession. #Pro-Tip: One-hit wonders need not apply!

While we knew there were people out there who were deserving we didn’t think we’d get the response we did so quickly.

As of the end of the 3rd day of our “official” launch we’d already had 9 nominations! At that rate we’ll far exceed our goal of 50 nominees in a year!

Thank you all for taking the time to fill out the nomination form and start the process of getting these great HR Pros recognized. One nominator said:

“Couldn’t be easier – smooth and quick!”

What are you waiting for? Click and nominate!

Just an FYI – the next step is to notify the nominees and then schedule a discussion, blog post and a possible podcast. That is in process now. Stay tuned for the ongoing updates here on the site.

Again – thank you and Cheers! Keep the nominations coming. Share with your friends and HR professionals via twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook! The more the merrier!

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