Transitioning from Amateur to Professional Human Being – 50th Birthdays

Too often we look at the date on our driver’s license and shake our heads, wishing for a year a bit closer to the present. We’re not greedy… just a year of two or ten. But the reality is you’d be cheating yourself if you moved your birth date closer to today. You’d be cheating yourself of all the wisdom and experience that makes you so, so much smarter than the person with 1/2 your time on Earth.

Case in point… good friend Doug Shaw turned 50 recently and as part of his transition from amateur to professional human he penned (typed?) a post called Fifty at Fifty in which he listed 50 “brain farts” that sprung from his now fully-functioning fifty-year-old brain. Click here for the full post but some of the “farts” that resonated with me are:

  • You are never more dangerous/stuck/scared than at the moment of committing, of making the decision. At that point you close your mind to all other possibilities and are at great risk of being wrong. People, including me and you, don’t like to admit being wrong.
  • Absolutes are rarely the answer.
  • Trust chasm – The gap between what you say and what you do. Mind the gap.
  • Willing participants beats hostage learners
  • Blame looks backwards – responsibility looks forwards
  • Taking it personally leads to growth
  • Letting grief work with and through you is a hugely painful, rewarding experience

Oh – there is so much more on his own post. Go there. Read it. Follow Doug and start your path to Full Human. 50 is when we start to become fully functional.

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