Which Age Group Has The Highest Productivity? You’re Probably Wrong

Data. Evidence. Facts.

Man do those things get in the way of a good story. And poor consulting.

We’ve all heard the incessant drone of how the “young’ins” can multi-task and how they are soooo much more productive than all the other generations. Texting, sexting, blogging, and snap-chatting all while binge-watching Fear the Walking Dead or doing a YouTube marathon.

That’s the story.

The reality is ….

…a workforce made up of 50 – 65 year-olds would be, on aggregate, more productive than one made up of 30 – 45 year-olds, all other things being equal.

Credit Mr. Steve Boese on his wonderful blog “Steve Boese’s HR Technology.” He posted the results from an HSBC study (the bank) today and here’s some interesting graphics… (Steve didn’t link directly to the study and I couldn’t find it via the google… we’ll take his word for it…)

12-10-2015 11-12-46 AM

BOOM! That’s right. Workers are MOST productive at 50 and continue to be more productive than 20/30/40-year olds up until their 70s!

Take that snot-nosed brat!

And workers over the age of 50 will once again be the pig in the python… making up a larger percentage of the workforce:

12-10-2015 11-16-46 AM

So to all you youngsters out there that were ready to take over the world… you might just need to wait a tad longer.

50+ Rule – Millennials Drool!


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