Cuartro De Mayo 2016 – Special Edition HRCarnival



Welcome to the Carnival…

For the benefit of Mr. Kite
There will be a show tonight on trampoline
The Hendersons will all be there
Late of Pablo Fanques’ fair, what a scene
Over men and horses hoops and garters
Lastly through a hogshead of real fire
In this way Mr. K will challenge the world

Maybe not change the world… but maybe change your mind?

Today’s Carnival of HR features some great posts that discuss how time impacts how and what we do to succeed in HR. The 50over50HR award is targeted to those that bring it every day, day after day. We’re all about the long haul and so are these posts…

One …

First up… Melissa Fairman explaining what is required if you’re going to be successful for 10 years (or more) in HR. Her post “A Decade in #HR: If you Don’t Have This Quality You Are Useless.” Harsh – but true. Check out her first post in a series of learnings that came from a career in HR. I know I’ll be back to read the rest of her advice.


And to talk about the other end of that spectrum is Katee Van Horn – dishing out a cautionary tale of impostors (imposters? – c’mon google help me out!) and how we all fall victim to doubting our own strengths and accomplishments. Want a long career in HR (or anywhere for that matter)? Then manage your internal dialogue and give yourself credit for all you’ve achieved. Check out Katee’s post: “You’re an Imposter!”


Speaking of imposters… Did you know there are 7 jobs that educate you better than college? I didn’t. But with age comes wisdom – and Christine Assaf must be an undercover 2,000 year-old ‘cuz this post is all kinds of wise. Being successful for a long time in any career usually is dependent on being exposed to a variety of experiences. Like the old saw says – it takes a lot of years and a lot of experiences to be an overnight success. Read the 7 jobs Christine thinks can help a career by providing perspective AND experience. For the record – I’m not convinced about #3. Read “7 Jobs That Educate You Better Than College Did”


50over50HR is all about recognizing long-term success in HR. And one of the rights and privileges of being a nominee is they have lifetime posting rights here on the blog. And Steve Browne was one of our first nominees. So no matter what his post is – it goes in the carnival. He could put up a post on how to tie-dye a shirt (and I’m sure he knows how) and it goes up. Kind of like a lifetime exemption in golf. But Steve’s always good for pointing out something that will be evergreen and helpful for the long-term. In this case Steve brings it with the “And you are?” line. Read about the three words that can make or break a career. Just imagine how big your network of support could be if you just went to conferences and asked “And You Are?”


Never take life advice from a teenager. I learned that when I had teenagers. Also, never take career advice from a new hire. But always take advice from Mark Stelzner. Mark is one of those “Seal Team 6” type HR folks. They are there, in the background, making big impact but you never really see them. Or if you do see them – you don’t really see their impact immediately. But the impact is there and it is very real. Mark’s post for the carnival is like that. It only took me 4 reads before it started to sink in. “On the Strategist, the Steward and the Service Provider” is so simple on the surface – but deep upon reflection. Only a career orbiting and playing in HR will give you the perspective to answer the three questions Mark poses in the post. Read it. Read it twice. Then again. You will love it.


And wrapping up the 50over50HR Carnival is one of my favs… a thinker and a practitioner – Tim Gardner. Tim (lucky for me) put up a post entitled: “Advice for the Long Haul – What Do You Love?” A fitting way to close out the 50over50HR Carnival with a post about how to have great career. Tim talks about his experience and the lessons he’s learned that have served him well. Again – the best people to listen to about career advice are people who have had a career. Tim is that guy. I love this post from Tim as it sums up a lot of the same advice I’ve given my own kids about their future (and a few kids that weren’t mine.) Share it with anyone starting out – it is worth the read.

And that is the Cuartro De Mayo 2016 – Special Edition HRCarnival.

I hope you all enjoyed the posts. Please share this with your friends, family and enemies. And please, think about your career and those that helped you get to your lofty positions. Is there someone you know in the HR profession that deserves to be recognized as a long-term contributor? Someone who has impacted the profession and the people for more than just one staff meeting?

Nominate them for 50over50HR. They deserve it and they will love it!

Share the site – let’s pay it forward.

Thank you and until next Cuartro De Mayo – Enjoy!




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