50over50HR is a place where continuous excellence and a history of performance in the HR space can be highlighted and recognized.

You should care because this is about people you know and work with every day. People who are making a big impact.

There are many places you can go today to find who the best 30 under 30 are, or the 40 under 40.  But those awards don’t recognize the difficulty of having a career of contribution. A career that can span 30 plus years!

We usually focus on single acts when we recognize people. We rarely take the time to look at someone’s entire career and judge them based on continuously providing excellence in their work.  It can sometimes be simple to have a one-hit wonder – the old right place at the right time. And some people make a huge impact early in their career but we never hear from them again.

What we really need to focus on are the every single day hero’s in HR – those who get up every morning, have their coffee and make a conscious commitment to making their world better, contribute regularly in their job and strive to always make the people around them better.

We believe there are a lot of people in the HR world like that.  People we don’t see often enough.

Our goal with 50over50HR is to make sure those who have put in the effort over time get their moment in the sun.

We believe by leveraging the technology that’s available today to connect us to a wide variety of people we can get a wide variety of recommendations and put together a great list of contributors.

We’ve put together what we consider a fairly diverse group of judges.

We’ve asked specific companies and people to help sponsor the process so that there are awards and rewards at the end of this. We’ve made sure that we make it easy to share this information and make it easy for you to nominate people.

Take a few minutes and check out the site.  Check out the nomination form.  We encourage people to nominate more than one person.  We know there are more than a few people in your life that made an impact over time – and continue to.

Going forward we will be updating and spotlighting individuals who have been nominated and have given us permission to talk about them here on the site.

We look forward to your input your wisdom and your recommendations.  Here’s to finding 50over50 in the HR space.