January Nominee Podcast

On this podcast we talk to Roshelle Pavlin.

Roshelle leads Dade Moeller’s corporate HR department – impacting everything from business strategy with appropriate HR systems that enable the company to hit their goals while still making sure the compliance and regulatory stuff gets done too! Not only is Roshelle killing with HR – she also finds time to help out with the Daven Lore Winery and the Prosser Wine Network (always good to know someone with access to good wine) and… and this will get you …. she also received Special Agent training from the FBI academy (I’ll ask if she knows Scully and Mulder) and she has held a Top Secret Clearance. Uh oh…. I guess I’ll be on my best behavior!

This is a fascinating quick 15 minute discussion. From being threaten with gun to being nominated for this award her story is one that we can all enjoy and learn from. Click the play button below and listen in as Roshelle talks to us about her history in HR and what she thinks the future holds for her and for HR.




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