Rounding out our April nominees is Christine Crowley. Nominated by Leanne Morris just under the April deadline Leanne praises Christine with this…

Christine Crowley photo smallChris has had a diverse career predominantly within the reward function, and offers genuinely international experience, having lived within the USA and Europe. As an expert HR recruiter I have worked with Chris on her career plans, and in hiring for her. I have worked with multiple team members reporting to Chris, working with Chris, or to whom Chris reported to. I have many examples of how Chris has inspired, improved and supported others across the HR functions, without being motivated by self-promotion.

She doesn’t settle for “this is the way it’s always been done” or “this is the way I know is right” – she remains humble and curious, and interested and willing to learn from others. Every person I’ve met who has worked with Chris in any capacity would leap at the chance to work with her again.

Finally, she has real, tangible examples of how she’s improved company performance for each of her employers – something many HR leaders are not able to evidence. She’s the kind of practitioner many within HR would do well to emulate. And if the HR profession was full of folks of Chris’ caliber, we wouldn’t bemoan business leaders not taking the profession seriously.

Wowser. That is a wonderful write up on the impact Christine is having on the HR profession and the people she works with. This is what 50over50HR is all about. Congratulations Christine.

And don’t forget – take a look at your own career and find someone who you think deserves to be highlighted for their effort and impact over time. Love to hear from you. Nomination forms are just a click away!