John Baldino jumped on the opportunity to recognize a fellow HR pro by submitting Dorothy Stubblebine for nomination in our 50over50HR awards. Jim has a big following on the twitters @jbalive and this is what he said about Dorothy…

Dorothy Stubblebine 2.pngDorothy was a female pioneer in HR field for pharma. Wyeth was lead strongly until their acquisition under Dorothy’s strategic leadership. Dorothy is also a fount of information for three generations and shares her knowledge passionately.

While John was a bit pithy with his praise Dorothy’s resume also includes:

  • A 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Delaware Valley SHRM groups.
  • A lifetime certification from the Society of Human Resource Management as a Sr. Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).
  • An instructor for the HR certification class at Rowan University.
  • A judge for both the HR Person of the Year award and the HR Department of the Year award.
  • 2003 HR Person of the Year by the Delaware Valley Chapters of SHRM.
  • Past President of the Rowan University Alumni Association
  • Serves as the Vice-Chair of the Business Advisory Board
  • Served as the HR expert on the Universal Accreditation Board for the Public Relations Society from 2005-8.
  • Currently serves on the ANSI Standards committee for SHRM.

No wonder John stopped when he did – he’d have gotten carpal tunnel like I just did typing all those accolades out!

Congratulations Dorothy. Well done and welcome to the tribe!