Dorthy Douglass nominated Jayne Powers. Her submission includes this great description of the contributions that Jayne makes regularly!

Jayne Powers smallJayne is a spark that ignites our HR team’s flame. Plain & simple. Jayne hired into HR on the admin side in 1997. She was promoted to HR Generalist and served as a primary recruiter for our $1.5 billion asset bank for many years. Jayne continues to provide positive energy and make memorable connections.

Candidates who were never selected for work still remember Jayne and her interviewing process as one that showed class and character. Jayne’s positive and extroverted style played well and complimented our generally introverted HR team. Jayne retired officially from our team last April. Fortunately for us, she continues to play a role with us on a limited basis. Jayne is a continuous learner, and an avid “people advocate.” She is for what is right. Period.

Jayne has been a member of SHRM, and is PHR-certified. She also served our local HR association (ECIHRA) on the Programs Commitee for a number of years. Jayne volunteered and served with other HR professionals to bring practice interviewing to a local women’s shelter, and volunteered her time to review resumes of students and participants in our local 6th Congressional District Job Fair. She has gotten savvy on social media and actively recruited using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter! That’s pretty savvy for a member of the “over50” HR club! She is a role model for others, not because of her age, but because of her positive spirit, her interest in continuous learning, and her social style. Other HR professionals should model her intention and energy when recruiting! She truly creates positive and memorable service in HR and for our bank.

Please join me and the rest of the judges in congratulating Jayne and the hard work she does to drive HR forward and contribute to the practice and profession. Congratulations Jayne!