The judges love it when the nominator does all the work for us. Deb Calvert did just that with her submission this month. Deb submitted Lori Kleiman as a nominee and here’s what she  had to say about Lori:

Lori is a powerhouse resource for HR professionals. As a consultant, coach and trainer, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies and HR leaders. But I’ve never seen anyone rival the value Lori brings to each and every HR professional she reaches.


Here’s what she does that makes her so extraordinary and so worthy of this recognition:


First, she puts herself right in the shoes of HR professionals at every level. She offers test prep classes (and is launching a new app for self-study). Her classes are highly personalized, and each individual is able to get the support needed. She consults with CHROs on what the future of HR will bring, again customizing her approach and support to add high value to each individual. She conducts MasterMind groups, coaching and training for managers and directors, always seeking first to understand what the unique and current needs are. No cookie cutter solutions here!


Second, Lori somehow manages to zero in on what’s needed even when speaking to large groups at industry conferences (e.g. SHRM) or industry conferences (she’s in demand in a variety of industries from auto parts retailers to veterinarian groups). She uses audience polling (via text) to tap right into the group’s immediate sentiments, and she adjusts her dynamic presentation accordingly.


Finally, Lori is very giving. She provides a wealth of tools and books and blogs and downloads at little or no cost. She champions the people who are “an HR department of one” and those who want to “get a seat at the table” (themes of two books she’s written). She gives wisdom, practical tips, creative ideas and motivation to the masses. I’ve personally learned a great deal about HR from her. Every referral I’ve made or exchange I’ve witnessed ends the same way – HR people flock to Lori and appreciate her help tremendously.


Way to go Lori – and thank you Deb!

Is there someone you know who deserves to be recognized for bringing it every day of their career? Someone who isn’t just another flash in the pan? Jump out to the nomination form and make someone’s day!