May is kicking off with a great contributor to the HR space – Ann Bares. Nominated by Margaret O’Hanlon, Margaret says this about Ann:

AnnBares smallAnn Bares is far more than a compensation practitioner. She is an innovator in a field that tries its best not to be changed. Through Compensation Force, Ann’s own blog, she addresses the tough compensation issues that need to be brought to light. As editor of Compensation Cafe (founded in 2009), she introduced “caffeinated” discussion to our field by encouraging her writers to be unafraid to unearth and address provocative aspects of our field that were long overdue for public discussion. Many organizations have asked Ann to turn blog articles in the speeches and presentations.

Because Ann is able to mix her courage of innovation with a balanced approach to all the important topics that the blogs bring to light, Ann is highly regarded and trusted by colleagues throughout our field, including at World at Work and the Cornell University Institute for Compensation Studies. She’s equally active in her home territory through her leadership at the Twin Cities Compensation Network and teaching at the University of Minnesota and Concordia University.


Thanks Margaret for nominating Ann… she truly has made an impact for many years!

Who do you think deserves to be recognized for their efforts in the HR profession? Nominate them here… they deserve it too!