Donna Rogers

Donna Rogers Skowronski

Donna Rogers Skowronski – Nominated by Kevin Epley Kevin wrote: Donna is an amazing volunteer in several capacities at the local state and national level. She has had a remarkable impact with the education and the knowledge given to young HR professionals in an academic setting at the university of Illinois Springfield. We think Kevin…

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Dave Ryan Cover Pic

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan – Nominated by Joe Smedinghoff Joe Smedinghoff has nominated Dave Ryan for 50over50HR. The hard part was narrowing down all of Dave’s credits to a simple post! But we’ll try: Dave is no stranger to awards having earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from CIC-SHRM in August 2013 and the Human Resources Professional of…

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karl Ahlrichs

Karl Ahlrichs

Karl Ahlrichs was nominated by Brad Galin Brad Galin is a quality HR professional in his own right and has nominated a very interesting candidate for 50over50HR. Read till the end … you will not be dissapointed. I am pleased to nominate a friend and colleague, Karl Ahlrichs, for the 50over50HR recognition. Karl is a…

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