Dave Ryan – Nominated by Joe Smedinghoff

Joe Smedinghoff has nominated Dave Ryan for 50over50HR. The hard part was narrowing down all of Dave’s credits to a simple post! But we’ll try:
Dave Ryan small pic

Dave is no stranger to awards having earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from CIC-SHRM in August 2013 and the Human Resources Professional of the Year from CIC-SHRM in 2008, and the Pluto Award from Peoria area O.S.H.A. office 2002.

Dave is the Director of Human Resources for Mel-O-Cream Donuts. In addition, Dave is a long-term volunteer for the local SHRM Chapter the Illinois State Council of SHRM (aka ILSHRM), LLHH and the now defunct LPGA State Farm Classic here Springfield.

Dave is also a certified USA Hockey Referee, a second passion of his. In his free time, he thinks, talks and writes about HR and business related issues. Dave speaks at local colleges on these matters regularly.

Dave is active on social media at @DaveTheHRCzar and writing and contributing to the multi-author site Performance I Create.

Let’s all congratulate Dave and let him know we support his continued contribution to the HR profession and the people who have dedicated their professional lives to making companies better for all employees!