john resized smallJohn Jorgensen – Nominated by Mike Spinale AND Joe Smedinghoff…

Mike Spinale wrote:

When I heard about this award, John Jorgensen instantly came in to mind as someone who is deserving of this recognition.

John is a senior, experienced HR professional who has dedicated his entire career to the profession. Even though he’s not some company’s HR person, he has remained involved in the profession through ILSHRM and SHRM.

The main reason I want to nominate John is his dedication to the growth of the HR field and HR professionals. When I learned I was moving to Illinois last year, John was one of the first people I reached out to. He helped me make many connections here in the IL HR community and was a key supporter in my search for a local role. At my first ILSHRM conference, John made it his personal mission to introduce me to people, help me get connected, and he even helped me get involved with the ILSHRM board!

I’ve personally watched John over and over again take people new to the field, or new to the organization, etc., and help them make connections that last. John has been, and continues to be, a great mentor to me and many other younger HR professionals.

In closing, John Jorgensen embodies the characteristics, and many more, that you’ve outlined for this award. I hope he makes your list.

And… Joe Smedinghoff summed him up nicely with:

John is a mover and shaker in the HR social community as well as a volunteer with National SHRM and ILSHRM.

Another great nominee! Take a few minutes and congratulate John on being another great long-term contributor to Human Resource professionals!