Steve Browne – Nominated by Karen Brandenburg

As if there were any chance this wouldn’t happen! The intentional Steve Browne has been nominated by Karen Brandenburg. Karen’s nomination included this:

steve browne smallerThe word to summarize the reason Steve should be in the 50over50HR process is “service”. Steve has spent his 25+ years in the Human Resources field in service to everyone he comes in contact with; from the company’s he has worked for, to SHRM through his volunteer positions as Chapter President, State Council Director, Mac Rep and beyond, to hosting his local HR Roundtable, to assisting Job Seekers across the county and so much more that it cannot all be listed in this nomination.

There are too many to list because Steve does not see these activities as actions, but rather as a component of his reason for existing; to help people in any way that they need in any way he can, to connect people to each other and to facilitate sharing of knowledge. While I am certain that one day I will submit a nomination saying that the culmination of his life’s work had a profound impact on the profession, I can’t say that yet because I think he is just getting started!!

Please reach out to Steve and tell him “thanks for all you do” – share this on your social networks and think about who you might want to see honored here and submit a nomination of your own!