Geniuses and Masters – The Style of Innovation

MaryFaulkner Judge PostBelow is a guest post from one of our judges Mary Faulkner. Mary works in HR for a large utility in Denver. In addition to her HR work, Mary authors a leadership development blog ( ) to continue the dialogue around the challenges of leadership – both being a leader AND being led. Check that out after perusing this gem.

We live in an age where it’s better to be young.

No really.

Apparently, the young people are our future. They are the only ones among us who can be innovative, tech-savvy, disruptive, world-changing. Youths are the behemoths that will light the way to the NEW enlightenment.

Here’s the thing – some of them may very well be. There are some smart young minds out there, unencumbered by years of habit and a lifetime of people telling you, “it won’t work.” And we need those people.

But here’s the secret…there’s a group of people who have been in the game for a long time, doing just as much creative and innovative work as the new kids on the block. And in some ways, it’s more impressive BECAUSE they’ve been in the game for awhile.

What separates the bright young minds from the wiley veterans? In a word – style. Continue reading Geniuses and Masters – The Style of Innovation

Cuartro De Mayo 2016 – Special Edition HRCarnival



Welcome to the Carnival…

For the benefit of Mr. Kite
There will be a show tonight on trampoline
The Hendersons will all be there
Late of Pablo Fanques’ fair, what a scene
Over men and horses hoops and garters
Lastly through a hogshead of real fire
In this way Mr. K will challenge the world

Maybe not change the world… but maybe change your mind?

Today’s Carnival of HR features some great posts that discuss how time impacts how and what we do to succeed in HR. The 50over50HR award is targeted to those that bring it every day, day after day. We’re all about the long haul and so are these posts… Continue reading Cuartro De Mayo 2016 – Special Edition HRCarnival

New Judges for 50over50HR!

While our leadership in Washington DC argue and throw tantrums about the next Supreme Court nomination the folks at 50over50HR never lose their hustle. Today we announce the appointment of two new judges – replacing two judges who had to leave prematurely due to increased work and personal responsibilities. And like quality HR Pros – we had a sucession plan in place and ready in case of just such a situation.

So… as we say good luck to two great judges – China Gorman and Ron Thomas – we say hello to worthy replacements. Continue reading New Judges for 50over50HR!

At What Age Does Happiness Peak?

About the same time your work performance does. Around 50. That’s right – as you enter your 50s your happiness increases – or so say new data released by the Office for National Statistics – from the UK – showing older people tend to be happier rather than more miserable than younger people. Continue reading At What Age Does Happiness Peak?

Which Age Group Has The Highest Productivity? You’re Probably Wrong

Data. Evidence. Facts.

Man do those things get in the way of a good story. And poor consulting.

We’ve all heard the incessant drone of how the “young’ins” can multi-task and how they are soooo much more productive than all the other generations. Texting, sexting, blogging, and snap-chatting all while binge-watching Fear the Walking Dead or doing a YouTube marathon.

That’s the story.

The reality is …. Continue reading Which Age Group Has The Highest Productivity? You’re Probably Wrong

You’re Just Getting Warmed Up

My father retired at 55 after 30 years in the Air Force. That was considered early even by the standards of the late 70s early 80s. He had a pretty good retirement package and lived pretty frugally most of his (and my) life. Him and my mother were comfortable. But he really had a lot more to offer. I can only imagine what he could have done with the knowledge accumulated over 30 years in service and the free time he now was afforded. He decided to retire.

Others however, didn’t.

Below are some stories pulled from an article highlighting people who were wildly successful at that time what most of us consider the “twilight” of a career. Continue reading You’re Just Getting Warmed Up

Transitioning from Amateur to Professional Human Being – 50th Birthdays

Too often we look at the date on our driver’s license and shake our heads, wishing for a year a bit closer to the present. We’re not greedy… just a year of two or ten. But the reality is you’d be cheating yourself if you moved your birth date closer to today. You’d be cheating yourself of all the wisdom and experience that makes you so, so much smarter than the person with 1/2 your time on Earth.

Case in point… good friend Doug Shaw turned 50 recently and as part of his transition from amateur to professional human he penned (typed?) a post called Fifty at Fifty in which he listed 50 “brain farts” that sprung from his now fully-functioning fifty-year-old brain. Continue reading Transitioning from Amateur to Professional Human Being – 50th Birthdays

Celebrating! 9 Nominations in 3 days!

Last week on Wednesday we published the press release announcing the formation of a new HR award – the 50over50HR Awards. This award is designed to recognize HR professionals who have dedicated years to their profession and have made a big impact at their company or within the profession. #Pro-Tip: One-hit wonders need not apply! Continue reading Celebrating! 9 Nominations in 3 days!

Do You Work Hard? Really?

Check his bio here on the site or connect with him at Humareso, or at his personal site:

bb king

Food for thought:

  • When B.B. King was alive he used to average 300 performances a year. It’s estimated that he’s performed over 15,000 times in a 52 year span.
  • The career of James Brown, known as “the hardest working man in showbiz”, spanned 50 years. He and his band would average 330 shows a year, most of which were one-nighters.
  • The Grateful Dead performed an estimated 2300 live concerts during a 30 year span. They are also famous for their volume of work as well as the devotion of their fans.

Between these three they have numerous awards and accolades, as well as the respect of their peers. They’re legends and their reputations are cemented in history. Continue reading Do You Work Hard? Really?

Success After 40 – Even 50 – Some Will Surprise You

It seems we are enamored with success at an early age. It’s as if we think that running to success has more value than walking. I guess there might be some value with being successful early in life. But if life is really about the journey and not the destination does it really matter?

Success isn’t always focused on the youth. There are in fact many people who waited until the had a few years of experience to rely on before they hit the big time. Continue reading Success After 40 – Even 50 – Some Will Surprise You

You’re Never Old – But You Can Be Wise

One of the difficult things with this type of recognition is that you are constantly in fear of using the word “old.”

Old connotes, well, old. But what we’re focusing on is wisdom, experience, perseverance. Things that years ADD to your life not take away.

I think the folks in Sao Paulo have the right idea…

Continue reading You’re Never Old – But You Can Be Wise