The Rules…for now.

The rules for 50over50 will be somewhat fluid in the near term. We’re going to start by simply selecting our 2015 achievers and then jump to a nomination and judging process. We really wanted to hit the ground running 2015 so we got anxious and just chose our own winners. That way you can see some the criteria in action and up close and personal.

Our goal is to provide a symbolic award (plaque/trophy/etc.) and a monetary award. Being our first year – funds are limited so we’ll make do with some HUGE social recognition on the web and with some friendly HR news outlets.

Stay tuned for more!

If/when we get sponsors on boards we’ll retroactively provide awards to the class of 2015.

A Career of Excellence!

50over50HR is a recognition event that highlights and surfaces those people who have shown a career of excellence in the HR space.

The general overview of the rules are:

  • Nominations can come from anyone.
  • You CANNOT nominate yourself.
  • If you are a judge – you can’t be nominated until after your appointments. Judges are not lifetime appointments.
  • Sponsors and employees of sponsors are not eligible.
  • Must fill out our short form and submit to 50over50HR panel of judges.
  • The form content will be sent to the nominator and the nominee to secure permission to use the information and image (if available) on the site and in other promotional materials.
  • The judging will be done by our rotating panel of 7 judges pulled from popular social media influencers and/or high profile HR practitioners.
  • One “featured nominees” each month from that month’s submissions. If no submissions in a given month then nominees from one of the previous months will be highlighted.
  • Monthly featured nominees will be further vetted to choose the annual final three who will then be eligible for the annual award.
  • Final recipient(s) announced at industry show (ie: HRTech or similar) where high visibility is available
  • Our goal is to surface and focus the spotlight on 50 people each year.

The 50over50HR organizers may amend these “rules” to expand nominations to specific areas of HR such as Organizational Design, Recruiting, Engagement, etc. However, at the onset we are looking at OVERALL excellence in the practice of, and the contribution to, HR.

We look forward to your nominations!