The Judges…

Before we start identifying the best 50over50HR leaders we need to have the best judges. So we scanned the interwebs and found what we think is a pretty diverse group of professionals. We hope this group has some disagreements and arguments. Heck – if everyone in the room agrees with you, you don’t need everyone in the room. Spirited discussion will be the name of the game. But this group can agree on one thing and that is we want to highlight the best in HR. And that’s what we’re focusing on.

I think you’ll find our judges can rock a black robe and still evaluate someone’s long-term career accomplishments. This isn’t a lifelong appointment so we’re constantly looking for the next judge options. If you have someone you think we should consider in the future – hit us with an email at and give us your best shot. That can include yourself – or feel free to do a little name dropping and give us some ideas about who we should contact.

You give us the name. We’ll do the work.

I know you’re thinking it… Yes…we make the judges wear something under their robes!